Sheriff's Department Drone Fund

December 01, 2023
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Brad Stinson would like to thank the Ralls County Health Department for their generous donation to the Sheriff's Department Drone Fund. This brings our total to $8,200 of the $10,000 needed.

Brad uses his personal drone. He tried to put it up during a highway fire to inspect the scene but it won't fly at night. The one they are trying to buy does fly at night. Brad shared that the Sheriff's Department also received a call a few months ago about an individual who claimed he was waiting in the dark for our officers to respond with a rifle. He claimed he would shoot them as they arrived. A drone could have been flown in the dark to spot his location before they came on the scene to watch his movements and location.

We have also had lost canoeists on Salt River and deputies had to walk the bank to locate the injured person.

It's also would be great for armed barricaded subjects. The drone can assist by keeping eyes on the location of the subjects with an officer getting injured. With the cameras on the place, we can get up close and see what is going on at the location. The drone has a lengthy flight time and can stay hovering over the building as officers get in place and negotiating can take place. It takes the place of a plane or helicopter and much cheaper to fly.

"The wonderful thing about drones is its ability to go into risky scenes and preserve life. This will be a great aid to all first responders. We greatly appreciate the commitment that Ralls County Health Department shows to our first responders and the community," shares Brad Stinson, Ralls County Sheriff.

If interested in donating to the fun, you may drop off checks to the Ralls County Sheriff's Office or call/message Brad Stinson and he'll be happy to come get the check. Make the check out to the Ralls County Sheriff's Office and notate it's for the Drone Fund.

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