Granville Christian Church News

June 10, 2024

Thessalonians 2 1:3 were our verses of the day and celebrating our graduates and milestones in life was our Scripture Service topic.

Those graduating are: Kaylee Ensor, senior; Kentley Ensor, 8th grade; Nathan Shumard, senior; Cody Shumard, senior; Haley Shumard, senior; Katie Wilkerson, senior; Gregory Shumard, 8th grade and Brady Wilson, 8th grade.

June 16 Father's Day Outdoor Services at Dale and Nancy Ransdell House Carry-in Lunch, bring lawn chairs

July 14 Quarterly Board Meeting 10am, no Bible Study will plan years events

August 6 cut up fish for fish fry

August 7 Fish Fry (all hands on deck)