Winds of Faith

by Pastor Tim Sanders

The Devil's Yard Sale

The Story goes the Devil was having a yard sale, kinda blending it in with the city wide one that was going on. He had two tables set up, a big one and a small one. On the big one, he had his usual stuff piled up – lust, greed, pride, sloth and such. And a good price on all at 50 cents-choice. On the little table, however there were only two small wedges and a hammer. These had a great price on them. One man came by and asked, “I see all the stuff on the big table is in pretty good shape and reasonable but those two little wedges and that hammer are worn plumb out and you still ask new price, why?” The devil responded, “Those are the wedges of discouragement and disappointment and that's the hammer of time. If I can get those started in a man’s life and go by every day and give ‘em a swat with that hammer, I will crack his faith. Then I can use all these other tools to finish busting him up.”
O brothers & sisters, have you ever felt or heard the ringing of the devil's hammer upon the wedges of discouragement & disappointment that the devil is trying to drive into your life. Find your way to Psalms 136, where 26 times in a row, you will find God’s mercy endures forever. Your solace is there, even though the bank, even though the doctor, even though the pills cost $ a month. Even though the devil’s hammer rings in your ears every day. His Mercy Endures Forever!

(prayer) O Lord bring back the solace of your words. His mercy endures forever, above the ringing of the

Devil’s hammer upon the wedges of discouragement & disappointment. In Jesus name, amen &amen
O give thanks to the Lord of Heaven for His Mercy Endures Forever
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